WaterSENSE presented the Water Use Monitoring and Auditing App to EuroGEO 2021

Please enjoy this video overview of the WaterSENSE Water Use Monitoring and Auditing Service (WUMAS) as presented to EuroGEO this year.

WUMAS will be demonstrated and revised during 2022 in collaboration with our demonstration partner, the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE).

Click here to view the video.

What is the WUMAS Application:

  • Satellite based compliance check
  • ETLook® and HSP Algorithms
  • Calculates the actual crop evaporation (due to irrigation) across an entire catchment
  • Per field or larger unit
  • Compares with the allowed water
  • Easy identification of big water users
  • Demonstration Partner DPIE


WUMAS Demonstration Area:


WUMAS Process Flow


WUMAS Dashboard

For more information please contact Brian Jackson from our local Australian partner, Water Technology :

Email: brian.jackson@watertech.com.au

Phone:+61 3 8526 0800