Melbourne Water’s sewer system management improved with live HydroNET dashboards for monitoring weather events

Melbourne Water manage an extensive network of sewer pipelines and pumps across Melbourne that can be affected by severe weather events. Melbourne Water consequently need to monitor the weather to support the sewer team to plan for, respond to and report on weather events and their impact on the operation of the sewer systems.

As Melbourne Water already use HydroNET, it was a simple process to set up a tailored HydroNET dashboard to assist them in this task (with no further cost to Melbourne Water).

They only need an internet connection – removing any of the data collection, processing, management and storage headaches that are often associated with real time monitoring systems.

The dashboard provides easy access to near real-time information on:

  • The current soil moisture
  • The forecasted and observed rainfall (gauges and RADAR)
  • The event duration and exceedance information

An example of the dashboard as illustrated below:

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