The first WaterSENSE project newsletter is now available

HydroNET Australia is very happy to announce the first Newsletter for the WaterSENSE project, a four year research in action project funded by the European Commission. The newsletter provides an overview of the WaterSENSE project.

Click here to see the Newsletter

The goal of WaterSENSE is to develop a modular, operational, water-monitoring system built on Copernicus EO data and provide a toolbox to make the products and services available to users.

Concept – WaterSENSE

  • Water Monitoring System: Integrates Copernicus EO data, ground radar, models, in-situ data.
  • Water Management Toolbox: makes data and services available to users.

For more information please contact Brian Jackson from our local Australian partner, Water Technology :


Phone:+61 3 8526 0800

Twitter: @MakeWaterSENSE

LinkedIn: Project WaterSENSE