Queensland Urban Utilities joins HydroNET

The Brisbane River at Sunrise, from Kangaroo Point.

Queensland Urban Utilities hope to use the radar rainfall and ensemble forecast data in RainWatch to improve the management and calibration of their sewer models and systems.

A good understanding of the location, timing, duration and intensity of precipitation across a catchment is vitally important in understanding, planning for, designing solutions to, managing, operating, maintaining and evaluating water management activities.

HydroNET RainWatch – radar rainfall data and smart tools

HydroNET RainWatch provides near real-time and historic calibrated, gauge blended radar rainfall data, providing you with the equivalent of 1 rain gauge every kilometre, improving knowledge of the rain that falls between the gauges. HydroNET RainWatch further provides smart tools to easily access, visualise, interpret and use the data (including exports for use in other software) and is a worldwide leading expert in real-time calibration of radar rainfall data.

Contact Brian Jackson of Water Technology on +61 3 8526 0800 for more information.