Water Technology Launches WT Hydro Pty Ltd

Water Technology has recently renewed its cooperation agreement with HydroNET and created a new company called WT Hydro – wholly owned by Water Technology – to manage all HydroNET projects and subscriptions in Australia.

HydroNET clients will now be able to contract directly with WT Hydro for HydroNET projects and subscriptions.

Contact Brian Jackson of Water Technology on +61 3 8526 0800 for more information.

HydroNET wins prestigious award for co-created water and climate services

Over 80 projects funded by the Dutch ‘Partners for Water’ programme competed for the prestigious ‘best project’ award. The project ‘Demonstration of the HydroNET Water Control Room for South Africa’ has won. The jury explained: “This consortium provided a measurable contribution to solving world-water problems”.

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Webinar: Radar Rainfall calibration

This webinar provided background to how the Bureau of Meteorology is using radar rainfall data, what radar products they have available and how the HydroNET platform can be used to access calibrated radar rainfall data.

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