HydroLogic wins 3rd place in the Dutch Innovation top 100 with the HydroNET Water Control Room

On 25 September 2019, the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce announced the top 100 of most innovative SMEs in the Netherlands during an exciting final. Hydrologic won 3rd place for the HydroNET Water Control Room, which is supported in Australia by Water Technology.

Optimal use of water

HydroLogic has achieved this top position thanks to the innovative HydroNET Water Control Room. Thanks to this decision-supporting platform, water managers around the world can successfully fight against water with online dashboards. Through a smart combination of satellite measurements, water and weather models, the system generates advice and warnings to manage the water as well as possible. The result is an optimal use of water for everyone. This way vulnerable cities are protected against flooding and farmers get the water they need.

Judgement of the Jury

Claudia Zuiderwijk, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce, explains the choice for HydroLogic: “The effects of climate change are visible everywhere in the world. Water is mercilessly scarce. We have little influence on climate change, but we can use ICT to deal with the scarcity as smartly as possible depending on the needs of a local area. We think it is wonderful that HydroNET helps precisely with this and therefore already has such a big impact in the world”. In addition, the jury was very pleased with the scalability and openness of HydroNET. “We think your way of working together within the golden triangle is a very beautiful concept and working method that other companies can take as an example. ”

Successful Innovations

The Netherlands KVK Innovation Top 100 is organised every year by the Chamber of Commerce and in recent years has grown to become the largest and most important innovation prize for SMEs in the Netherlands. All innovations are assessed for their impact on the industry and society, originality, availability and realised turnover and growth potential. The ranking gives a good picture of the innovative power of SMEs at the moment.

The HydroNET Water Control Room in Australia

In Australia, The HydroNET Water Control Room has already been implemented with the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority, who’s staff can now securely and easily view, watch and report on live water quality, rainfall and river flow data from external data sources via personalised web dashboards. Here is a link to a webinar on this implementation, called “A case study Turning Data into Information and Information into Knowledge“)

Some of the functionality provided includes:

  • No IT know-how needed.
  • Live access to official master data at source, eliminating any duplication and versioning issues.
  • No added burden external database administrators to provide data.
  • Personalised dashboards and tools to easily work with the data.
  • Automatic reports in Word and PowerPoint.
  • Significantly reduced time and cost burden on staff to access the information.
  • No further hidden IT, software and hardware costs.
  • Ability to easily copy and share hydrographs and other data with stakeholders.
  • Cost sharing amongst all users and ongoing software updates, keeping the GBCMA up to date with IT changes into the future.

Water Technology are the local Agents for the HydroNET Water Control Room in Australia. Contact Brian Jackson of Water Technology on +61 3 8526 0800 for more information.