About HydroNET

The world is rapidly changing. The effects of climate change play a crucial role in future water availability and the impact of water-related disasters such as flooding and droughts. Reliable data is essential for coping with and preventing climate-related economic and humanitarian disasters. Knowledge is a pre-condition for effective decision-making and operational management involving the implications of a changing climate.

Managing water resources is a complex task. HydroNET is an online decision support system providing intelligent tools for operational and strategic water management. Smart web-applications turn weather and water data into easy accessible maps & graphs empowering water professionals to make better decisions for the sustainable management of their water resources.

HydroNET offers smart web-applications for:

HydroNET is an award winning set of applications developed and implemented by the Dutch company HydroLogic. HydroNET is currently used by more than 2600 active users in 8 countries and is the leading platform for water management in the Netherlands. Users are amongst others working for water authorities, insurance companies, industry, governments, agricultural organisations, catchment authorities and municipalities.