Water Control Room: smart web reports for FEWS and HYDSTRA

HydroNET’s most complete package of smart web-applications and dashboards is the Water Control Room. The Water Control Room converts the information from your FEWS, Hydstra, Aquarius or other databases into a powerful dashboards and web reports.

Most water organisations have a database. Extracting the right data from these databases requires technical knowledge of the databases and is often a  time-consuming task. As a result, your valuable data is only used by a very small group of people. We believe that given the right tools, data from your databases can be unlocked and transformed into valuable knowledge. HydroNET provides easy to use web dashboards and applications which will strongly increase the use and benefits of your data. People without technical backgrounds can easily find the data they are looking for and build up personalised dashboards which contain only information which is relevant for their role or interest.

To implement the Water Control Room for your organisations, we first securely connect HydroNET to your database(s). As soon as this connection has been established, the HydroNET Water Control Room gives you access to a set of valuable applications:

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