FloodIntelligence: easy access to all relevant flood information

Since the devastating floods of 2010/11 there has been significant effort in Queensland by State and Local authorities in the improvement of flood awareness and preparedness. Key elements of this effort have included upgraded flood maps for much of the State, new and improved floodplain management protocols and a range of deliverables which can loosely be referred  to  as  flood  ‘intelligence’.   Unfortunately,  while  much  of  this  flood  ‘intelligence’  is  available at Local and State Government levels, it is not available in the rapid, easy to use format required during a real time flood emergency.

The FloodIntelligence applications improves the quantity, quality and usefulness of flood information for local authorities and emergency management organisations by providing smart strategic and operational flood information before, during and after flood events. This can results in significant financial (reduced damage) and non-financial (reduced loss of life, reduced trauma, faster recovery etc.) benefit .

The following applications are available via HydroNET or via the Guardian disaster management framework:


‘Via this Flood Intelligence Platform, flood reports can be automatically provided to Local and State organisations in a consistent format and a much faster timeframe than is currently possible’
Rockhampton Local Council

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