From excessive rainfall and floods to extreme drought, Australia is a land of contrasting environments. Easy access to real-time information is essential in reducing impacts and risks before and during events. HydroNET is a web-based decision support system empowering Australian water professionals. Smart web-applications transfer weather and water data into valuable tools which enable water professionals to make informed decisions for the analysis and sustainable management of Australian water resources.
HydroNET solutions
How can HydroNET help you
  • Improve your insight. Easy access to live data from data sources from different organisations

  • Increase awareness. Share information with your stakeholders

  • Be in control. Keep an eye on your water system and receive timely alerts.

  • No IT-hassle: No hardware needed. Free software updates. Available on any device - anywhere, anytime

  • Stop searching for data. Find the information you need in your online control room

  • Save time. Report the status of your water system in one click

  • Make transparent and accountable decisions. Easily replicate dashboards and reports

  • Join more than 2500 users worldwide: Proven software co-created with water professionals

SaaS solution: An internet connection is all the infrastructure you need